So Cindy tells me that listing things people don't know about you is all the rage right now on Facebook. We decided to put a twist on it; a few of my 25-things are NOT true. Your challenge is to figure out which ones on my list (and Cindy's) are false. Find more white-lies than anyone else and you win a Subway sandwich platter.

Ok, here they are. Email your list of 'falsies' from both our lists (there are five imposters on my list, and three on Cindy's) to

  1. I graduated from the University of Minnesota.
  2. I was the Student Council president in high school.
  3. I was at Game-7 of the 1987 World Series when the Twins beat the Cardinals.
  4. I have completed a marathon.
  5. I met President Carter while on a back-country fishing trip.
  6. My parents met at St. Cloud State University.
  7. I have gone 60+ days without eating (twice).
  8. I once peed in a neighbor's garage (and got caught).
  9. I hate beer.
  10. My parents are third cousins.
  11. I have had at least one body piercing.
  12. I once had a pet monkey.
  13. I was once detained at the border trying to enter Canada.
  14. I was Class President my senior year in high school.
  15. I had dinner with Sean Connery.
  16. In high school I competed in track, cross-country, and swimming.
  17. I have lived in Minnesota, Indiana, Florida, Montana, and Colorado.
  18. I was riding in a taxi in Mexico when it hit a Coca-Cola truck.
  19. I played touch football with Kenny Chesney.
  20. I have two tattoos.
  21. I am a cancer survivor.
  22. I impulsively bought a Trans Am at a car dealership during a live radio broadcast.
  23. I have never broken a bone.
  24. I played softball in a federal prison.
  25. I can fit a 12-ounce pop can in my mouth.

Which five are not true? (And which 3 on Cindy's list are not true?) Email your eight guesses to for your chance to win the Subway sandwich platter.

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