Last week I made a list of 25 things you (likely) didn't know about me. The only hitch was that five of them weren't true. I challenges you to figure out which five were made up, and while no one got all five (or even four), many found three of the fibs. Here's the answer key.

  1. I graduated from the University of Minnesota. <BIG FAT LIE #1>
  2. I was the Student Council president in high school.
  3. I was at Game-7 of the 1987 World Series when the Twins beat the Cardinals.
  4. I have completed a marathon.
  5. I met President Carter while on a back-country fishing trip.
  6. My parents met at St. Cloud State University.
  7. I have gone 60+ days without eating (twice).
  8. I once peed in a neighbor’s garage (and got caught).
  9. I hate beer. <BIG FAT LIE #2>
  10. My parents are third cousins. <BIG FAT LIE #3>
  11. I have had at least one body piercing.
  12. I once had a pet monkey. <BIG FAT LIE #4>
  13. I was once detained at the border trying to enter Canada.
  14. I was Class President my senior year in high school.
  15. I had dinner with Sean Connery. <BIG FAT LIE #5>
  16. In high school I competed in track, cross-country, and swimming.
  17. I have lived in Minnesota, Indiana, Florida, Montana, and Colorado.
  18. I was riding in a taxi in Mexico when it hit a Coca-Cola truck.
  19. I played touch football with Kenny Chesney.
  20. I have two tattoos.
  21. I am a cancer survivor.
  22. I impulsively bought a Trans Am at a car dealership during a live radio broadcast.
  23. I have never broken a bone.
  24. I played softball in a federal prison.
  25. I can fit a 12-ounce pop can in my mouth.

Of course the frightening part is that the rest of these are all completely true. (And yes, that includes being able to fit a 12-ounce pop can in my mouth.) My parents are so proud.

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