Whatever your beliefs, opinions, or thoughts are on any of the well-known mythological creatures, they mean absolutely nothing. I'm a skeptic and my opinion on the existence or lack thereof doesn't matter either. There is one thing you can't deny, it is the power of those myths, and those myths last for generations.

One of the most famous myths of all time is the legend of Bigfoot. The creature that seems to avoid every attempt at capturing it on anything other than a grainy or shaky video camera. But yet, everyone should take this seriously.

How is it that we can capture so many wildlife creatures on one of those cameras that we set in the woods to capture motion, but yet, we can never capture ONE piece of decent footage of this giant creature?

But none of that matters. Whether it is the lack of technology, skeptical people like myself, or the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak -- nothing can stop the Bigfoot, the Bigfoot fan club or both of them coming together for a Bigfoot convention.

So if you love the myth or are just fascinated by it you might want to check out the Bigfoot convention that is coming to Minnesota. It is happening in Grand Rapids on August 7th through the 9th.

"Be at the first-ever Minnesota Bigfoot Conference! Brought to by the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team! Come be a part of history!!"


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