When I hear someone ask the question, "Do you believe in UFOs?" -- I ask myself, what's not to believe? By definition a U.F.O. is an Unidentified Flying Object. Are you asking me if I believe in extraterrestrial life? That's a completely different question. Here are reported UFO sightings from Central Minnesota in 2016.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, these are the reported sightings or far this year:


May 5, 2016:  Big Lake, MN -- "At roughly 2:30am the morning of May 5th, I went into my backyard to have a cigarette. I noticed that there were stars out and that one(1st seen NW corner of yard) appeared to be larger and more orange than is normal for a star. I looked deeper and there was a smaller light of the same color not too far from the larger light. I began to think at this point they were not stars. I notices the lights would suddenly get brighter and then throw of bursts of light, then dim and appear to slowly move and stop quickly. I couldn't even tell they were moving at first but once I had to move so I could see around the large oak tree in my yard I was sure. Also noticed the 2 orange lights moved precisely at the same time and this is when I noticed that there were 2 blue-yellow-white very small lights moving along with the orange in a way so all the lights could form a diamond. I watched for a few hours as the lights followed same routine. Sit, then flicker and flash a bit, dim, then bounce suddenly along. At about 4:45 5:00 am as the first bit of sun started coming up I watched the two yellow lights move into the large orange light which then blinked red and vanished alongwith every other star(ended in NE corner of sky). A little less than an hour afterwards I just so happend to be taking my do out and looked towards that corner of the sky and watched the orange light appear again suddenly. Then slide off slowly in the sky."


March 9, 2016:  Long Prairie, MN -- "My neighbor and I live in the country in rural Minnesota. At 9:00 at night, a beeping noise was moving around our house. My neighbors house is straight north from me and I heard this noise from north of his house which traveled east of his house to straight east of my house then change direction and go straight south of my house. The beeping was loud for I could hear it inside my house. And it sounded like a beacon beeping every second for like an hour then stopped and we haven't heard it since. We checked where the noise could of been by driving near the location and all that was there was empty fields."


February 13, 1016:  Monticello, MN -- "I went out to take garbage out and I was looking at stars. Then I saw again this trianglar thing moving slowly towards me. It hovers real slow. I looked over across street and saw one more of the same thing. I have seen this at least four times since I have been here."


February 4, 2016:  New London, MN -- Bright round object swooped insight.


January 19, 2016:  Foley, MN -- "UFO hovering over Sherburne - more than 3 hours. Woke up to go to bathroom in middle of night- approximately 5:30 am as I layed back down I was looking out the window and saw a bright light appear quickly over the neighboring tree line. It was in a distance but I sat and watched it for 10 minutes - at first it was stationary but as I lined it up with the grid in the window I could measure its slight change of movement. I asked my husband to look at it and he said at first glance that it was a star. Then as he watched longer he saw it move. He got the binoculars and said Wow- you got to see this! It has five lights on it and it is hovering. It had five lights in a row with the middle light being the largest the lights changed colors from yellow green to red blue. It looked really large way larger than a small airplane. It hovered at a lower altitude until daybreak then it ascended higher into the sky. It clearly looked like a star with the naked eye as it got higher in the sky. It appeared that the daybreak was what drove it higher in the sky. We saw it make movements directly up - then quickly shifting side to side them down - it was really high in the sky still at 9:00 am but then cloud cover came and could not view it under the clouds anymore. Really strange - it truly looked like in the alien movies - just like those spaceships with the lights. We have never seen anything like this before!! We will be watching the sky from now on. So weird to see something like this!!"


May the force be with you!