About a month ago, my fiance's sister texted me wondering if I had seen the UFO in Little Sauk. Not a message you expect to get randomly. She dropped a pin for me so I could check it out the next time I was in the area.

Over the weekend I was up in Long Prairie hanging out with my parents and my mom and dad said, "let's go show Abb the UFO!" Apparently, this is a thing that people just know about in the area. So we loaded into the car to go for a drive to see the UFO.

It didn't disappoint. I love all things weird and unexplained and this fits the bill.

The UFO in question is more of a large lawn ornament in the middle of a field than an actual unexplained object. The art installation is a saucer-shaped metal structure that spins horizontally in the wind. There is also a bright green alien descending a ladder from the structure.

I'm not sure who owns this field where the alien has set up camp, or why it is there, but it's super cool to see this when driving the back roads. In an area that is mainly fields and forests, a random UFO and alien are a welcome change of scenery. Growing up my family always went for "deer drives" where we drove around looking for deer and I know my sister and I would have loved to spot an alien as kids.

Thank you to whoever put up this display, you'll likely be spared when the real aliens come.

You can see this UFO from the intersection of 170th St. and 174th St. in Little Sauk.

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