Candy. Oh Candy. How I love thee.

But...Does candy have to be the secret surprise in every Easter egg for your Easter egg hunt?  Mix it up with these 20 fun ideas!


1. 50 cent Pieces.

2. Small lego figurines

3. Fun tatoo stickers

4. Small figurines.  Maybe it's Power Rangers, Barbie Dolls, Dora The Explorer.

5. Fruit Snacks

6. Little toy cars, trucks or trains

7. Hair clips, bracelets or necklaces

8. Fun erasers- Emoji's, TV Characters, or movie characters

9. Marbles, or small bouncy balls

10. Fruit snacks

11. Cheerios

12. Colorful goldfish crackers

13. Mini pretzels

14. Chuck E Cheese tokens

15. Raisins

16. Magnets

17. Popcorn

18. Play-Dough

19. Mini key chains

20.  Colorful shoelaces

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