'Tis the season for giving thanks and taking time to appreciate, well, the little things. Central Minnesotans aren't your typical Minnesotans. To know us, is to live among us and experience the same love for the simple things that we do. We're not fancy, we're not high maintenance and the key to our hearts is really simple, actually.

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You don't need to sit and think of a million different things to gift us with this holiday season. Because, our happiness rests in these 12 things. Check out our list and let us know how many of these things make you ridiculously happy. If you can relate to all of them, you're a real Minnesotan through and true.

1. Central Minnesotans love hitting every green light on Division Street.

2. They can't get enough of meat raffles. Winning them is like hitting the jackpot.

3. Getting enough turkey points at Coborn's to score a free turkey is just great.

4. Free cone day at DQ...assemble your friends.

5. Kohl's Cash. It's like free money.

6. Bingo at the Benton County Fair...or bingo anywhere really.

7. When their favorite radio station is in town or someone they know makes the news.

8. Watching movies that reference their state/town. We just love it.

9. Sam's Club samples. It is the only way you'll leave the house some days.

10. Getting front row parking at Crossroads Center. You pretty much have your life together. #Score

11. A garage sale & Facebook Market Place...don't lie...you pretty much only use Facebook to look at the cheap things for sale these days.

12. Being close to a huge news story. We love story telling and sharing information around the water cooler with our friends and co-workers. If something happens in our small town, we know all the details and we'll share that information with anyone who will listen.


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