The St. Cloud Area isn't all sunshine and rainbows. There are definitely some real turn-offs to living here. If you are considering a move to the area, or know someone who is, these things should be taken into consideration.

1. Your house will be too affordable - The median price of a house around St. Cloud is about $157,000. Owning a home might cause you to have some extra money in your pocket at the end of the month, what ever will you do with that?!

2. You'll end up addicted to Val's Hamburgers and French Fries - I have friends from California that have asked me to mail them a burger and fries. You wouldn't want to end up addicted like they are.

3. There are so many Farmer's Markets - Fresh fruits and vegetables grown by your neighbors and local farmers, then sold at reasonable prices. Who would possibly want that in their family dinner?!

4. Your dog will be exhausted from all the walking trails - Beaver Island Trail, Munsinger Gardens, Quarry Park, The Wobegon Trail. If you do decide to move here, be ready to replace your walking shoes more often.

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5. Good Luck Choosing the Most Instagram-able View - The Mississippi runs right through the heart of St. Cloud. You'll have way too many scenic pictures to choose from. And adding the perfect filter to compliment it? Impossible. No filter is good enough for the view.

6. Constant Entertainment - Summertime by George gives us live music every Wednesday night in the summer, and the Pioneer Place Theater and Paramount Theater always have something going on during the weekends. Plus some great night all around the area. You'll never be able to use the "I'm bored" excuse.

7. Your favorite stone will become Granite - 1390 Granite City Sports, Granite City Gymnastics, Granite City Food and Brewery, Granite City Crossfit. If you hate granite, this is not the place for you.

8. You'll Forget How to Use a 4-Way Stop - Roundabouts can be tricky, but after living here you'll wonder why 4-way stops even exist at all. Moving back to a place where roundabouts aren't the preferred intersection will just feel wrong.

9. You'll Develop a Taste for Locally Crafted Beer - Beaver Island Brewing Company in St. Cloud, Bad Habit Brewery in St. Joseph, Pantown Brewery, good luck keeping up with all their awesome new brews. Also, you'll need an extra shelf in your house for your growing growler collection.

10. You might end up living on a forgotten cemetery - Creepy to some, incredibly awesome to others. There are two separate ones in the St. Cloud area. The town is also one of the most haunted places in the world according to Stephen King. Take that as you will.

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