In honor of Halloween and all things creepy I went to the Stearns History Museum and dug up St. Cloud's spooky past.

The story behind St. Cloud's forgotten cemetery sounds like something from a movie. A few homeowners reported finding  caskets and gravestones in their yards and underneath their houses. Some even claimed to have experienced strange happenings.


Little did they know at the time that their homes were on the site of a former cemetery. City records from the Stearns History Museum show a photo from the 1800's of a drawing of the cemetery where Lake George can also be seen. It's undeniable proof that the graveyard did in fact exist. The cemetery spanned from 17th Avenue North to Third Street North.

All of the bodies in the graveyard were said to have been moved by Nov. 20 1981. Today, many of them now rest in the Calvary Cemetery. Legend has it that some of the bodies were never moved and still remain in their original location to this day.

A St. Cloud Times article from May 18, 1995 states that a St. Cloud homeowner found an old grave marker under his porch. He believed that the marker had been there since his house was built in 1918.

The same article mentions a family who lived on Second Street North. They had been hearing strange voices, weird noises and even witnessed objects moving. They had finally reached their breaking point and decided to do some of their own research at the Stearns County Heritage Center. They were hoping to find answers. They ended up finding out more than they would have liked to. Their home was one of the houses built on top of St. Cloud's forgotten cemetery.

This wasn't the only forgotten graveyard in St. Cloud. A private cemetery developed on Block 26 of Lower Town. It was common back in the 1800's for family members to bury their deceased loved ones on their property. Though it wasn't an incorporated graveyard, St. Cloud State University uncovered bodies of settlers when they began digging up the site for their new library. They uncovered 24 graves with 13 containing human remains.

It is widely believed that human remains are still buried in these two residential areas today. Whether you believe so or not, it definitely makes for a spooky tale!

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