Can you enter these in a talent show? Probably not. Are you naturally gifted at them? More than likely. There are certain things all Minnesotans have a natural knack for. Here are the hidden talents we have.

1. Latching Onto Celebrities That Have Even a Slight Connection to Our State

Lizzo is the latest one. She was born in Detroit and moved to Houston, but started her recording career in Minneapolis. And for that reason we claim her as our own. Anyone remotely famous that has any tie to our state is automatically added to our citizen list.

2. Never Revealing Our Secret Fishing Lake

You have a great day on the water. Monster northerns, sunfish the size of a dinner plate, and you're pretty sure you had a musky on the line at some point. Then your buddy asks what lake you were on and with a straight face you name off one on the opposite end of the county because you can't have him intruding on your lake. There are 11,842 lakes, but that one is yours.

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3. Dressing For the Weather

All Minnesotans know that you never truly know what the day will bring weather wise. The phrase we all heard growing up: "you can always take layers off, but you can't add more once you leave".

4. Hiding Uneaten Food at Public Functions

The upside down plate in the garbage can, the napkin over the pasta salad that tasted funky.  Minnesotans know how to cover it up as to not hurt the chef's feelings.

5. Killing It In Corn Hole

Beer in one hand, bean bag in the other. As a bonus to this one, Minnesotans also know how to pick a great partner. You got to have someone who is a rockstar at the game, and just competitive enough to take you to that championship round.

6. The Polite No-Teeth Smile

Anywhere else in the world, smiling at strangers is considered creepy. Walking the streets of a big city you'll get some side eyes for giving the standard "no-teeth smile" to people you've never seen before. Here it is just ingrained into our DNA.

7. Knowing When to Hold Doors For People

This is all a matter of judging distance, and observing the recipient. If you walk through the door and there will be at least ten seconds before the other person pulls it open, you don't have to hold it. Anything less is door holding territory. And if the person coming in behind you is carrying something, you're holding that door no matter what.

8. The Single Finger Steering Wheel Wave

I'm pretty sure this one is taught in drivers ed classes. If you are driving down a two lane road, and you pass someone, you lift one or two fingers off your steering wheel to acknowledge the other driver. It's just what you do. Especially in a small town. If you don't you are subject to running into someone you passed earlier in the day and them saying, "hey, why didn't you wave at me?".

9. Saying Sorry

Ope before sorry, except after jeez. We apologize for everything. For unintentionally cutting someone off in a grocery store aisle, for having to walk behind someone in a tight space, for not seeing someone/thing right away. Sorry is the unofficial state motto, we're juts sorry it isn't the actual one.

10. Sniffing Out Cheese Curds at a Festival

Wisconsin might be known for their cheese, but Minnesotans are known for eating it. Show up at any fair, festival, outdoor concert or gathering, we will sniff out a stand that is frying up cheese curds. We basically turn into cheese curd blood hounds.

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