Minnesotans have some pretty sacred traditions they've perfected over the years. Fish fries are no exception. If you've never been to a fish fry, get yourself to one. They're great. ! If you're planning on attending a fry this year, make sure you know the 10 Commandments of a Minnesota Fish Fry before you attend.

1. If the fish isn't crispy, call the cops, that fish fry is an impostor. If you've got soggy breading, you did it so very wrong, Karen.

2. The side game needs to be on point. I'm talking baked beans, coleslaw, the works. It's an absolute must or go home.

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3. You must have tartar sauce on hand. If you run out, mayo is a good alternative. If you don't have either of those things, you don't have a fish fry, you have a GOSH DANG MESS.

4. Potatoes are a must. It doesn't matter how they're prepared, but they need to be present. Deep fried, baked, cheesy, au gratin, twice baked, funeral style, tots, waffle fries, regular fries, wedges, chips, hash browns...you name it. It's not hard.

5. Seconds are required. Ever hear the saying, 'there are plenty of fish in the sea'? Not after a Minnesota fish fry, son.

6. You eat it with your hands or you don't eat it at all. If you're cutting up your fish with a fork, your Minnesota neighbors are definitely sizing you up.

7. Repeat after me: A fish fry is not a fashion statement. We're talking to you, Becky. Wear something you don't mind getting greasy. You will leave the fry smelling like a fish.

8. Don't loiter at a table...in and out, Jan. There's usually a line and people waiting to fill up their Minnesota gullets with crispy deep fried deliciousness. Eat your food, and move along. We need the table space. Take your Minnesota goodbye somewhere else.

9. Watch out for bones, 'nough said.

10. Don't ask where the dessert is. The fish is the dessert.

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