It's not every day that you get to see a semi help out law enforcement. The good news is that the folks over at MNCrime found some video of a semi-driver wedging in a vehicle as it is being pursued by police in Minneapolis. The vehicle's occupants then fled the scene but were all eventually captured according to the posted video.


@crime_mn Trucker pins suspect vehicle in Minneapolis pursuit! The four kids book it from the car but were all eventually apprehended. #pursuit #trucker ♬ News Report Two - SMUSICBOX

The video starts off with an image of a car being 'chased' by a squad with its lights on. The vehicle drives down the road at a high rate of speed, in an attempt to get away. As the vehicle speeds away several squads are seen in pursuit.

The suspect vehicle then reappears on another traffic camera, and you can see that there is a semi just entering the roadway. The semi, it appears then makes a move to box in the fleeing suspects. As the semi driver boxes in the fleeing vehicle, it gets stuck between the semi and a parked car.

Once the vehicle gets stuck the occupants of the car take off running.

According to MNCrime the offenders who ran from the vehicle were juveniles, and all were apprehended.

As wild as it was to see, you have to think the driver of the semi had to have been a little nervous IF they were indeed trying to assist law enforcement.

While it certainly seems like the driver was helping, it also could have been a case of the truck driver changing lanes, and the fleeing vehicle wasn't seen, resulting in the semi pinning the stolen vehicle between the semi and a parked vehicle.

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