I am one of those people who shops at Costco probably on average once a week.  The rewards that you can get by having the executive membership and the Costco Anywhere credit card are totally worth it for me.  I have not paid in full for my membership since I got the membership 10 years ago.  The rewards take care of that for me.  And that is worth it for me.  Just remember to pay off that credit card every month.

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I have seen the rotisserie chicken there for all of these years, and it's still available, and at the same price it always was - just $4.99.  Apparently at this point, Costco actually loses money on those chickens, but it's worth it to them to keep the chicken at that price.  This is for obvious reasons.

Because of this ,I thought for sure the most popular item would be the rotisserie chicken, but I am wrong.

The most popular item is the....

KIrkland toilet paper.

Good Grief!

I guess everyone needs toilet paper.  Especially since the pandemic.  We all saw the craziness that ensued during that time regarding toilet paper.  But it's still the most popular item.  If you are wondering, the rotisserie chicken comes in second.  You really cannot beat that price.

The number 3 item isn't that surprising either.  Especially considering this area of the world... BACON!  The Kirkland bacon is smoked and thick cut, and it makes for a great hunk of bacon!

Per Consumer Reports, Costco's Kirkland bacon was rated No. 1 in its taste test. The Kirkland Signature Hickory Smoked Bacon is crispy and has the right balance of fat and meat flavors. Even better, Costco sells it at $6.25 a pound, which is about $1.25 lower than its competitors.

The 4th most popular item is the hotdogs in the food court.  Why?  Well, for one reason is that they are still just $1.50.  That's for the hot dog AND a soda.  That price has not changed since 1985.  And they have no plans on raising the price on that compbo.

And finally, coming in at number 5 is gasoline.  The gas pumps are always busy at Costco, and there is a good reason for that.  Costco, and Sam's Club do not pay the extra taxes that other gas stations have to pay.  So, the gas is always about 20 cents cheaper than other places.  AND if you use the Costco anywhere card, you save another 4%.  But remember, pay off that card every month.  Otherwise the rewards aren't taken up by the interest.

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