3 Apps to Monitor Your Teen’s Phone
This is a very large debate these days, as children and teenagers use their phones for literally everything. So, where do parents go to make sure their kids are being safe? Check out these three apps you can download right now!
Central Minnesotan Parents VS. The Pacifier
Over the past few days we asked you to cast your vote to find out which age it's appropriate to take away the pacifier - and over 100 Central Minnesotans joined in on the conversation! Check out the results here!
What Lies Did Your Parents Tell You? [Video]
My sides were actually a little sore from laughing this morning as we discussed and took calls discussing lies we were told by our parents when we were kids (or lies we tell our kids today). Thanks for all the calls. Funny stuff!
Do You Kiss Your Kids (or Parents) On The Lips?
Ashli's fiancé Dave coaches a Little League team. She was attending a game the other night and was horrified as it came to an end -- when a mom kissed her son on the lips as he was coming off the field. "OMG," says Ashli, "Tha…

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