After spending the better part of the last decade in Southern Minnesota, we didn't see too many dinners that involved the Northern Minnesota/Scandinavian delicacy of Lutefisk very often. Lo and behold a 'reservations only' lutefisk dinner is coming up in December. If you are a fan of the fish dish, it's a bit of a drive, but I'm sure it would be worth your time.

I'm going to be honest, I've never eaten Lutefisk before, and really have no ambition to try it, not even once. But if Lutefisk is your jam, then by all means this is the event for you.

Calling all LUTEFISK Fans! Our annual Lutefisk dinner will be held on Monday, December 4th! RESERVATIONS ONLY! Call to reserve your spot today! 651-437-5618 Please call for reservations during our business hours, please don't leave any reservation requests on voicemail.

For those unfamiliar with Lutefisk this is what the Scandinavian fish meal is described by Mashed online as having a "notorious jelly-like consistency" and tastes "mildly fishy, with a soapy aftertaste and a hint of ammonia on the palate"

Image Credit: Google Maps
Image Credit: Google Maps

Trophy House is located in New Trier, MN which is South of the Twin Cities sitting between Vermillion and Cannon Falls, so it's a haul to get down there, but if you are craving Lutefisk, you can make reservations and circle the date on your calendar, and maybe find a friend or two to carpool down and make an event of it.

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Remember they won't take your reservation if you leave it on the voicemail.

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