How many times have you been to Kwik Trip, and promised yourself you're NOT going to grab a box of Glazers or one of the many flavors of Dunkers that Kwik Trip offers up every day? Then, you find out there's a new flavor that you've never tried before. Perhaps it was the Chocolate Dunkers that keep you coming back for more. Perhaps it was the blueberry. Are you a Lemon Dunker connoisseur?  I have to say when they brought the Cherry Dunkers out, I was stuck on those for at least a month. Now that I've finally regained control of my Dunker addiction, they're doing it to me again. They are coming out with a brand new flavor in January 2024!

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Facebook/Kwik Trip
Facebook/Kwik Trip


Kwik Trips' Facebook page has a big picture of Raspberry Dunker Donuts. As soon as I saw the box, I ran to Kwik Trip to get a photo of the new donuts; and of course, to try them! I just can't resist a great donut.

However, they didn't have any Raspberry Dunkers in-house. If you are going to run to your favorite Kwik Trip and grab a box or two, you might be in for a bit of a disappointment.



I asked management at a local Kwik Trip in St. Cloud when I could come back and get a box, and they said they are not being released until sometime in January 2024. That means we are at least a week out if not more.

Abbey Minke Graves
Abbey Minke Graves


Nevertheless, fans of Dunkers are pretty excited about this new flavor. According to Facebook, people didn't catch on that the Raspberry Dunkers were not available until January. In the comments, people said they were on their way, or that they couldn't find them when they stopped by. Regardless, it looks like we are all excited to try the new flavor, but remember; read the small print. Raspberry will be available after the new year.

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