I am a FAN of free little libraries. I feel that they bring a sense of togetherness to the neighborhoods where they are set up. Plus who doesn't love to read a book on a rainy day? This free little library in Elk River is simply epic! The theme of the library is set to The Lord of the Rings series and it looks like it took A LOT of time to finish, but it is SO COOL!

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In another post by the builder of this free little library, Yellow House Custom Woodworking, the public is invited to come to check it out if they are in the Elk River area!

Fans of Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit will enjoy this book library.
Took about a year to make sure it is completely weatherproof.
If you enjoy Tolkien you’ll love this piece.
Stop by and grab a book. When you do, you’ll get a musical surprise! 🎶
11889 193rd Ave NW
Elk River, MN 55330
Send us a message if you’re looking for a unique roadside library or anything else you can think of!
Take some time and appreciate the craftsmanship that was used to put this together, it is also completely weatherproof, so hopefully, it will last a long time for neighbors and community members to enjoy.
If you plan on stopping by this free little library PLEASE remember it IS on private property and in a residential neighborhood. Be respectful, and leave no trace you were there.

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