The brightest comet we've had the pleasure to see in our nighttime skies in 25 years will soon be zooming off into space. The good thing is...we still have a couple days...we still have a chance to see this comet.

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I'm all of sudden feeling the urge to see it. It's coming over me like...this is something that will never again happen in my lifetime, or the lifetime of my children or maybe even future grandchildren. It's also something positive that all of a sudden has become something I NEED to see....something magnificent...something positive...and an experience that I can have that no one can take away.

Maybe I'm putting too much into it...realistically I may not have a chance to see it. It might be so cloudy every night that it won't be possible. According to the current forecast, we have until July 23rd to see this amazing Comet before it zooms off into space, never to be seen by a human eye again; well at least for thousands of years.

Although it's supposed to be partly cloudy tonight, Wednesday evening the skies are supposed to be clear. I'm thinking that a drive to my families farm might be my best bet for seeing a nice clear view of Neowise before it disappears.

Obsessing? Maybe. I'd rather obsess over something simple. Just something that's not making everyone crazy. My kids might think I'm crazy when I say, "Get in the car. We're driving to Grandma and Grandpa's and I don't want to hear another word." How well will that work on my adult boys? I just think it's an experience we can have with those we love...and it can become a very special, positive moment in a time of so much unrest.

Calm. Enjoy. Natural Beauty.


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