I bought a treadmill online last night. I thought it was kind of a strange item to buy online. But, shipping was free, so I thought, 'why the heck not.'

I realized there's really no limit to what you can buy on the internet. A few months ago I started grocery shopping online and getting my food delivered to my house. Now, you're probably thinking I'm one of the laziest people on Earth...but, actually I do it to save money.


I mean, yes, there's a delivery fee--however, I use more coupons and I am able to compare prices easier when I shop online. I don't throw items in my cart on a whim anymore...And, if I'm not sure whether I'm out of something in the kitchen, I can easily go check before submitting my purchase. It has actually saved me SO much money on groceries.

A real estate website called Estately recently looked at the weird products each state buys online more than any other state. The results were super weird! Minnesotans online shop for mustache wax more than anyone else in the U.S.

I'm thinking I want to move to Texas right about now. They online shop for snow cone machines more than anywhere else in America. That's an internet purchase I can get behind!

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