Thanksgiving is up next, and turkeys will be flying off the shelves. Even more now, thanks to this cool kitchen gadget. Yes, you can now deep fry a turkey in your kitchen!

Every year my wife and I host Thanksgiving for our families. For years we've cooked the turkey in a roaster to free up the oven for other food to cook and heat up. The turkey takes hours to cook, and can be a pain to time just right with the other food.

Everybody loves the fried turkey idea. There's something about the juicy inside and crispy outside. The problem is that it's extremely dangerous using traditional methods - a deep pot cooker outside hooked up to a propane tank with 350 degree oil bubbling in the open top. People have been burned horribly and fires can easily happen. Here's what I mean:

I was walking through one of the home improvement stores in St. Cloud and saw the Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer XL, and couldn't resist buying it. It was $129 and in my opinion well worth the price compared to the traditional dangerous turkey fryers for $60.

It can deep fry up to a 20 pound turkey perfectly in oil, and will also cook whole chickens, chicken wings, french fries, etc. You can even fill it with water and use it as a healthy steamer. Best of all, it's safe to use indoors and uses no propane gas.

We're going to give this a try tomorrow, and I'll keep you posted with a video of the experience!

Barry's new turkey deep fryer
Barry's new turkey deep fryer

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