Today, although it's late, is still National Farmers Day. It's a day where we are asked to take some time and think about all the great things that producers and farmers across the US do for us. Think about it, the work of a few, many unknown to you or I, feeds millions and millions of people not just here in the USA, but across the world! Thank you farmers and producers for all that you grow and nurture for our future enjoyment.

Kelly and I asked you this morning for some songs that you thought represented the American farmer/producer. Of course, you didn't let us down! Here are your picks for the Central Minnesota soundtrack for National Farmers Day!

Foxy in Princeton on the 98-1 app, and others sent us the 2006 release from Craig Morgan - International Harvester.

Patty in South Haven sent us the suggestion of using Tim McGraw's Where The Green Grass Grows!

The suggestion of using John Denver music was made by a lot of you, including our friend Suzanne in Pella, Iowa!

Our pal Boch in Pine City thought some Merle Haggard would be a good fit on National Farmers Day.

Megyn in Long Prairie chatted with us with the suggestion of Luke Bryan's Rain Is A Good Thing...I mean it does grow corn, and corn makes whiskey...

Ashley in Royalton also suggested some John Denver!

Lindsey in Atwater wanted us to include Blake Shelton's God's Country, which makes total sense!

Kelly went with some John Deere music!

I went more with spoken word, and this gives me chills every time I hear it, the late Paul Harvey with his piece entitled So God Made A Farmer.

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