Central Minnesota woke up to a fresh little blanket of snow this morning. Time to get crafty with it.

I was scrolling through TikTok last night, and lately, the algorithm has been feeding me a lot of crafting videos. (I wonder why? It's not like I have boxes and boxes of craft supplies in my basement or anything...) One that really caught my eye was a woman tie-dying a pair of sweatpants with snow. I was immediately intrigued.

The creator who made these goes by @fancyvelveeta or Madison. This isn't the first time she has used snow to tie-dye, and she has done multiple tie-dyes using ice in the past as well.

She started by getting her white cotton leggings ready which involved soaking them in water and soda ash, and then spinning out the excess moisture in the washing machine. She then put the pants into a plastic tub, and covered them with tightly packed snow off her porch.

She then sprinkled powdered dye all over the snow in colors her boyfriend picked out. It was a combo of robbins egg blue, hot pink, and a rasin color.

From what it seems after that, as the snow melts the color would seep onto the clothing item, dying it in a funky pattern depending on how it melts.

This is super cool and I want to try it so bad. I might have to hit up a craft store before heading home from work today and give this a go.


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@fancyvelveeta There’s a snowballs chance this doesn’t work! ##wordans ##tiedyetutorial ##icedye ##icedyetutorial ♬ Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms

@fancyvelveeta“Does the app do something to your voice? Because it sounds better on TikTok.” —my sister’s review of this piece

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