July 1st 2018 - The day the CD died. Can you believe we have already seen the full life cycle of a way of listening to music? Best Buy has made the decision to completely pull CD's from the shelves of it's stores by July of 2018, but will still continue to sell vinyl for the next two years as that trend continues to rise. CD sales were down 18.5 percent last year, and some experts say Best Buy CD sales are just about $40 million annually. Pocket change for a big tech company.


Target is projected to be the next company to start phasing out the physical copies. No official word has been made yet from Target on the subject, but walk through that aisle on your next trip there and you'll notice the end isn't far from near. The way we consume music changes every decade or so as technology advances, approximately 62 percent of the total music market is now made up of streaming services. I'm sure people felt the same way when cassettes were pulled from shelves. And who knows they might make a comeback! Look at vinyl!

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