Well...It looks like I lost my fight on giving out pop for Halloween. I was having a discussion about what to give out for Halloween this year with my Co-Host Paul this morning. Paul told me that he didn't want to have candy in the house because he knew he would eat it all before Halloween ever rolled around. (Good point). However, I'm not sure I'm in favor of his alternative to candy.

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Paul has already purchased and will be handing out cans of pop for Halloween. It sounded odd to me. I thought, surely there's something more creative and less expensive that would be more FUN, than pop?! We asked YOU what you thought about giving out pop for a Halloween treat, and apparently, most of you agree. Pop is a FUN option for a Halloween treat.
Here are the responses we received from central Minnesotans on whether or not pop, (soda, or cola), is an acceptable treat for Trick or Treaters.


Should Paul give out pop for Halloween?
Good morning 98 Country Family!!

Pop v candy: sorry, Kelly, but I think pop is perfectly acceptable. It’s the homeowner's choice. Parents who are concerned can always go with their children and then make the choice if they’ll carry it or not for their child. ‍Plus, kids don’t care about “quality” - as in “what” they receive as they do in “QUANTITY” of what they get. My two cents.Suzanne - SODA WARS!!!!...Ope - *POP WARS
(Paul and Kelly, We put a mixture of pop and candy and set it all out and they choose since we don’t live in a busy area; but we do get a few).

Mom - We put the mini cans out and they are the first to disappear before the candy. Oh, Kelly! Maybe we should get a group together and all show up at Paul’s house?!
Linda - Absolutely pop! Little cans and chips! They love it !! We seldom have kids come to our rural place. So IF someone does come I can quickly go to the fridge and get a can of pop.
Jason - Plus 1 for soda.  In fact, I’m giving away 10 packs. (We get less than 5 kids though).
Gayl says:
I wouldn’t give pop because I think it would turn into a sticky mess, because kids that come trick or treating at my house use pillowcases or grocery bags, and if they accidentally drop their bag, the pop would end up exploding, so I think it’s not a good idea.
Nothing wrong with the pop coming from a mom. The kids will see it as a cool house!!
NateDog~ Morning guys. Hey, Paul like I said last Friday at the Jacks game, it's a very great idea for pop. It's cheaper than candy. I would rather see a kid have pop than candy; it's safer. Stand your ground Paul! lol.
Kids love pop. Good idea Paul
Children in Halloween costumes


I think the Nays have it! Pop it is. I still think having a 12-pack of pop in your trick-or-treat bag or bucket isn't as fun as getting Halloween treats, but honestly, if you gave me pop for Halloween, I WOULD drink it! When it's all dumped out on the living room floor, pop goes great with tootsie rolls.

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