A legendary Minnesota Viking is feeling a little frustrated that he can't get that little blue checkmark on Twitter, and to be honest with you it's a shame that it hasn't happened yet. Chuck Foreman, arguably one of the best running backs in VIkings history, took to Twitter this morning to share the sad news that even the VIkings can't help him become verified.

It's pretty lame that a guy who has been inducted into the Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor, he played in 3 Super Bowls with the purple, was named NFC Rookie of the Year in 1973, and holds the Vikings all-time rushing record with 5,879 yards, and is ALSO tied for the team record with 52 rushing TDs can't be verified on a social media platform that verifies other people with less of a professional resume of accomplishments.

If you question the validity of Foreman's complaint, check out this highlight package, and then tell me Twitter can't just give him that checkmark for playing the way he played!

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