Vegan Threatens Murder Over Meat Sauce

When it comes to spaghetti sauce (or gravy, if you're Italian), I'm not terribly picky. I get those that have - particular? - tastes, and making sure that they stick with that. But threatening to stab someone over gravy? Did they put arsenic in it?

Meat? It was just meat? Must've been a raging vegan.


An 48-year-old Italian woman is so vegan that she threatened to stab her own mother for daring to cook a Bolognese sauce. Apparently the smell drove her over the edge.

Odd. The smell of Bolognese sauce would drive me to the edge of the kitchen so I could "test" the sauce...

Source: Fox News

Instant Soup Instantly Burns Thousands of Kids Every Year

Instant soup/noodles -- those super handy microwavable cups of delicious sodium-drenched goodness -- can be dangerous. How dangerous? 10,000 kids get scalded by the snacks/poor guy's dinner do NOT judge me/soup every year. That's a lot of kids.

Hopefully it's not the same 10,000 kids every year. I fear that soup isn't quite Darwinian enough for dumb people. Although if you burn yourself enough times, you won't have any nerves left to burn.

Who's the genius now?!

Source: UPI

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