Yesterday was such a celebratory day for the world of "free marijuana", but for the working class, welcome to 4/21 - National Surprise Drug Test Day!

4/21 is really just a muck holiday, just like the unofficial 4/20 "stoners" holiday. Sadly more jobs will be lost on 4/21 than any other day of the year to those happened to forget that they work for an employer who has a right to randomly drug-test their employees. Oops!

For those who find this humorous, you have to read this blog - The Weed Blog. It's the funniest thing I've read in a while, just read a few of the comments. For those who are freaking out...good luck and don't read the blog as you should have read it a few days ago.

Bottom line, PEACE. Whatever your preference, I don't judge. Your employer on the other hand, they probably do. Enjoy your weed if you do it, I'll just get a contact high if I must (I still don't know if that's possible). Life is like a box of chocolates, and hopefully you don't get a laced one...or do you?  ;)