We've all been hearing about a worker shortage.  Everyone is hiring and no one is taking these positions.  The hardest-hit seems to be the hospitality industry. And these places were the ones that were the hardest hit during the pandemic as well.  Some were forced to close, others were running on a skeleton crew, half or less capacity for a time, only outdoor dining, it's been a huge challenge.

But now that restaurants are fully open again in Minnesota, now the issue is not enough staff.  Sometimes someone is sick because no one can come to work when you are feeling ill so that you don't possibly infect someone else.  Before it's like you'd go to work if you just felt a little ill, but not bad enough to call into work.  Now, there is that issue, there are also people who found other jobs or people who have just been flat out living on unemployment.

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Now, Sawatdee Thai restaurant in Maple Grove and Minneapolis has hired a robot named DeeDee to help out with the staffing shortage. You can see DeeDee in the Facebook post below.  According to WCCO, the robot comes out of a tech company based in California.  This robot is the first of its kind, and is able to carry drinks and food to tables, and is also able to bus tables after customers leave the restaurant.  They aren't taking orders or anything, but you have to think if this sort of thing is successful, wouldn't that be the next step?

Personally, I'm wondering if this is the next step. There is a Sawatdee in St. Cloud.  If it works in the Maple Grove area... it seems to be a natural step in the progression of the service industry.

Stay tuned...

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