When St. Cloud announced that there would be some form of 4th of July ceremonies, they said the location for the launch of the fireworks was undisclosed. They said it's going to be a 'brief and meaningful salute'  -- sounds boring to me.

Why this whole mystery location thing? Why does it need to be kept hidden from the people? Just about everybody else in the state has canceled this year's firework show. And the communities that have not, at least you know the location of where they're shooting the fireworks.

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Big Lake said they're going to be shooting their fireworks off extra high so people can see them for longer distances, thus keeping people from gathering too closely together. It's easier for Big Lake to do that since it is a much smaller community.

I understand what St Cloud is trying to do, but this whole mystery location thing is strange. Is the plan to announce a few minutes before and tell people where to look? That could be. Maybe they are planning to launch from space. Not a bad idea. That way, everyone could see them.

I like fireworks as much as the next person, and my kids love them just as much as any other kid. But are we so desperate that we just have to have fireworks?

We have all been deprived of the things we love to do. I think we can get through one 4th of July without having a firework show. It's not going to make us less patriotic or mean we love America any less.

I think we should just save the money and put it towards next year's 4th of July firework show and make it bigger. It could be huge! It could be the biggest firework show St Cloud has ever seen!

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