We get it, your lawn is brown, crispy, unappealing and you would like it to be green and lush like most other years. The weeds are growing. For some reason the weeds always stay green and even seem to flourish during a drought. All you want to do is water your lawn and probably mow over those long weeds.

Don't do it.

It's hard to just sit there and watch your lawn look like it's dead, dead, dead.  But actually, it isn't. Grass will go dormant. Kind of like it does in the winter. If you just leave it alone (which is really hard to do for some people) it will come back.  It's almost like grass self-preservation.

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Recently, St. Cloud has been encouranging residents to conserve water and some of the cities around St. Cloud have actually implemented some watering restrictions.  Conserving water will not only help on your water bill (unless you have a well) but will also keep maintenance down on the lawn.  Hey, it's a summer with very little mowing.  And in fact, what you should do is probably stay off the lawn as much as possible.  This will help to protect it.

Ignoring your lawn goes against most everyone's natural instinct. You want your lawn green and inviting during the summer months. But it really is ok to just leave it alone.  Don't try and "water it back to life" when it's brown. According to Peter Doran Lawn website, it should recover once the weather changes. So really, no worries.

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