Man is my lawn looking rough! Most years I couldn't care less about my lawn to be honest, but now that I have an active kid that loves to play outside, I decided this year would be different.

I had been watering on my designated even days and had recently put down some fertilizer (which is not cheap by the way). Things were starting to take shape for once when Mother Nature decided to crank up the temps and close the spigots.

Now? Now confusion reigns. How do I keep my lawn from dying? Should I mow it even though it's crispier than a fresh $20 bill? Where do babies come from?

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Here are some tips from Popular Mechanics and HGTV on how to take care of your lawn during these hot and dry days:

1. De-thatching your lawn will help absorb whatever small amount of moisture occurs. This is especially helpful during a drought.

2. Use an aerator to punch holes in the lawn, delivering moisture directly to the roots.

3. The grass probably isn't growing much in these conditions. HGTV says a height of three to four inches long is ideal for grass in these conditions, as it creates a deeper root system. So while you can continue to mow, it is recommended that you raise the blade on your mower a bit higher than normal. Do not bag clippings.

4. Consider adding more shade to your yard when possible. Shrubs, trees and plants can all reduce the need for watering.

5. Stay off the lawn. Not to go full old man on you, but the weight of activity on the lawn compacts the soil and makes it difficult for the lawn to absorb moisture.

We will get through this! Eventually it will rain again and we can go back to walking on nice, soft, green grass.

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