That first super warm day strikes, and it's time for temperature adjustment in your house. You walk over to your air conditioner for relief, flip it on, and...notice a wretched stench being blown into your nose holes.

Next thing I knew, I was punching the smell out of my nose (Getty Images)

So what happened?

You got skin squames.

Skin squames are dead skin cells, and bacteria loooooves your dead skin. Squames tend to gather in AC units. That's when bacteria go on a feeding frenzy. The result?


Any idea what mold does to your lungs? Check it out.

NEVER forget to change the filter on your AC unit. Experts recommend filters that stop particles smaller than 0.0001 centimeters. That's small!

Simple maintenance like this can keep you cool and stinkless.

Who farted?! (Getty Images)

H/T: Daily Mail

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