Maybe it's always been a problem but I've just seem to notice it more in the last few years. People just dumping their trash wherever it may be convenient for them and mostly it's in the streets, parking lots, etc.

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The person that posted this picture on Facebook, took the photo at a local carwash. They said the person who dumped trash out of their car, not only did it once but 3 times. How lazy can one be to not walk 10 feet to a trash can?  They also stated that they were so infuriated they didn't dare get out of their car and give this litterbug a piece of their mind.

I've seen people drive buy my apartment and just throw several McDonald's bags out the window. One time I then saw a police car stop and the officer got out and picked up the trash.

Even in the parking lot of the apartment building I stay in, I see new trash every day strewn around the parking lot. I'll pick it up and there is more the next day. What is the deal with all the littering?

There's a dumpster right there in the parking lot just, like most other parking lots but it seems to be too much of a chore to actually deposit one's litter into a nearby receptacle. I wonder if these people just toss trash on the floor in their homes. Truthfully, I wouldn't doubt it.

I guess it just escapes me why people feel it's okay to casually toss their trash wherever.  Come on St Cloud, we're better than this!

A great time to clean the trash out of your car is when you are filling up with gas. There is a trash can right there, you can't miss it.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was considerate enough to dispose of their trash like a civilized human being and not just throw it wherever?

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