My little dog Gloria is a joy. She is sweet and lovable, and wants to play with me when I get home. She patiently waits for me to stop washing dishes...stop cleaning house...just stop and play with her. She will often run into my bedroom, and sit at my feet while I'm on the computer, staring at me...just wanting me to get up and follow her to the living room to play.

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Daily, she seems to get a case of "The Zoomies." Has your dog done this? They can be sitting quietly and all of a sudden they wag their tail, bark at you and start running at full speed throughout the house...around in circles...down the hallway....back to the living room...just to pause a moment...wag their tail, bark at you, and repeat the process.

Sometimes when it's a nice day, she does it in the yard, and she loves it if I act like I'm going to pounce on her. She'll run circles around me. She looks like she's running barrels at a rodeo.


My question is, "What in the heck is she doing?" She's not the only one. Even my beautiful Sampson, who was a gigantic tall lean Great Dane, would get The Zoomies. I would go to visit my parents at their farm and he would take off and run the whole farm in a circle for about 10 minutes. You could watch him. He was fast, and having a blast, and once he was done, he'd run full speed back home and proceed to calm down and lay down and sleep for hours.

The Zoomies are actually a normal activity, not just for dogs, but for all mammals, even elephants.  Cats, Dogs, even bunny rabbits get The Zoomies, called binkying in rabbits.

So what does it all mean? It's simple. It means...your pet is having fun. They are happy. They feel good. It's a good sign. So next time your dogs run through the house, and knocks down everything in their path, including you...just remember. You might just be a good parent if your pet has The Zoomies.

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