Reading bad things happen to good people infuriates me and when it's around the holidays it breaks my heart. This is one of those instances where my heart dropped a little after reading what happened to a popular chocolate shop in Minnesota about an hour from St. Cloud.

Ever heard of the town Excelsior? Yeah, I think we all have if we are from Minnesota. Just in case, it's off Excelsior Bay on Lake Minnetonka (oh yeah, you've heard of that lake before). But if you haven't visited it, you may or may not know of a chocolate shop there called Truffle Hill Chocolates. As said on their website they use:

Only the Highest Quality Ingredients

We proudly craft our confections in the uncompromising way - by hand in small batches with fresh ingredients and the finest chocolates. Located in Excelsior, Minnesota, our specialty chocolate shop has been a destination for Minnesota made truffles and chocolates since 1995.

These are definitely the types of chocolates you give during the holidays because you know how much love was poured into each handmade piece and how delicious each bite will be. For some it's a family tradition.

Image Credit: Truffle Hill Chocolates via Facebook
Image Credit: Truffle Hill Chocolates via Facebook

Which is why it saddened me when I learned that they had to unexpectedly close right before the holidays. This was posted to their Facebook November 30.

Seriously, what is wrong with some people? I just don't get it!! One customer, Chris P, shared after reading the news,

Terrible to read. We love Truffle Hill. If you start a GoFundMe, I'm sure your customer-family will pitch in. So sorry this happened to you.

Well the good news is a former employee DID start a GoFundMe. Former employee Lori Wilson, organized the efforts sharing that her and her sisters have worked for Truffle Hill Chocolates through the years for owners Marshall and Susie and how special the shop and the owners are to the community.

Hoping they can get doors opened sooner rather than later and they are able to find the perpetrator or perpetrators.

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