In the last month, I have become ever more frustrated with my wireless provider, and I am thinking of switching, but I don't know who to pick. Help! 

I have been with my wireless provider now for ten years. I feel bad leaving, but sometimes things don't always work out the way we want them to. They're doing things that are irritating me and while I can deal with annoying habits, what has been going on lately is an absolute deal breaker.

The customer service is excellent. Whether I go to a store, or if I call them on the phone, they're always so sweet and caring and sensitive to my needs and wants and they seemed to put those first for the last ten years, but for the last month, I haven't been getting phone calls, I haven't been getting text messages and when I really need them to be there for me, they aren't. It's really frustrating.

I have an uncle that was going in for cancer surgery yesterday and when my mother called me to tell me how everything turned out, even with a 4G signal, my phone never rang! Recently, I called my mom to tell her a piece of important news and while we were talking, the call dropped and I couldn't get a signal for ten minutes! Now, this isn't like I was in the boonies or something. I was driving on Highway 10 right in St. Cloud! I have also missed a few calls regarding a wedding I am in and an RSVP for my birthday party. Not only am I missing phone calls, I am also failing to get voice mail notifications for the calls I am missing. I just can't take it anymore.

There are so many wireless providers out there, I can't decide.

Who do you have? Do you like them? Are their rates reasonable? Do they have good coverage? How is their customer service? What are their plans like? Is it easy to find one? Are there different options? Is "Unlimited" talk, text and web part of the deal? Do they anchor you down with a contract?