There are plenty of spot-on articles about life in the Midwest, and specifically 'Minnesota'. This article, however, is nearly 100% incorrect about our childhood in Minnesota!

People love to poke fun at people from this area. A lot of it is very true, but if you're going to try to poke fun then at least be mostly accurate. People who grew up here know how to tell if you're full of it and have no idea what you're talking about.

The blog site Rugzee recently posted an article about 7 terms and sayings that people from the Midwest grew up saying. The author straight out tells you that they're from the East coast, but somehow knows what we grew up calling everyday childhood things...and is wrong about most of them!

Some of the things they talk about:

Bubbler - Did you ever called the drinking fountain in school a "bubbler"? I never did, and have never heard anybody call it that.

Holler Tail - I didn't grow up on a farm, but apparently cows that looked "under the weather" had hollow tails. This might be correct, and only those who grew up on a farm would likely know if this is true.

Sweeper - This is a vacuum, and we all call it that here in Minnesota. We don't even call a broom a "sweeper", we called it a broom!

Jeet - Seriously? This has to be 100% from the South United States. It's supposed to be what we say instead of "did you eat already?". Again, I have never heard anybody say this.

If you want to see the full list of those 7 terms, click here. There's only one the I can agree with, and it's "puppy chow", which is the powdered sugar Chex snack. Honestly though, I think everybody in the country calls it that.

Be sure and comment and let me know if I'm completely wrong. Being from Minnesota, and the Midwest in general, I'm pretty sure most of these have nothing to do with this area of the world...

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