Minnesotans are all fired up about Super Bowl LII coming to U.S. Bank Stadium, but who should be our half time performer?

This is a very difficult question to ask. Do we want a Minnesota based band to take the stage? Or do we want a huge international artist to come and blow the nation away? It really comes down to personal opinion on who would be the best choice - so let us know who should be performing at Super Bowl LII's half time!

It's really too bad that our very own Prince already had his moment at the Super Bowl (and, the fact that he will NEVER be able to perform again - due to an accidental and fatal overdose almost a year ago) because he would have been an amazing Minnesotan artist to have represent us and our new stadium.

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Below you can enter whichever band/artist you believe should be our half time performer, and sometime in the near future we will have your chance to vote on the given suggestions! Here's your chance Central Minnesota - who should be our star studdent attraction for Super Bowl LII?

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