Our life experiences may have had an effect on how we choose to decorate our homes for the Christmas holiday. Did you grow up with the whole family headed to the tree farm to choose the perfect tree for the holiday season? Maybe it's an important tradition for you to carry on with your family; Choosing the tree, bringing it home together, and then spending time decorating your tree as a family.

Or did you have a different experience? Perhaps you were 10 years old when you realized that people actually put real trees in their homes for the holidays? Maybe you have great memories of getting the tree box out of the attic and putting it together in the warm comfort of your cozy home. Whatever your experience, whether it was good or bad, may have had an effect on what type of tree you prefer today.

We asked Minnesotans a pretty simple question. Real or artificial? When it comes to your Christmas tree, what do you prefer?  Here are your answers.

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Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash
  • Artificial...for sure.  ~Debby
  • Artificial. I have kids and a cat. Too big of a mess to have real. ~Dezarae
  • Both. We do a real tree for our main tree but have an artificial tree for our basement family room. ~Lynn
  • Artificial. My kids are allergic to pine trees. ~Tammy
Photo by Ekaterina Kasimova on Unsplash
Photo by Ekaterina Kasimova on Unsplash
  • One of each, and a few small ones too.  ~Julie
  • For so long, artificial. Last year was real, and probably real from now on. ~Lori
  • Artificial. ~ Tonia
  • Both. ~Vicki
  • Real. ~Ed

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