Since October is just around the corner, I want to put pumpkins out for decoration and I want to find some good ones to carve.  I just don't know where to go.

I've been to some of the pumpkin patches near my home in Monticello but this year I want to change things up a bit and try somewhere new.  I want to check out some place I've never been before.  I know there are several fun ones to check out in this area but I'd like your suggestions because there are too many to pick from.

Several of my friends have posted pictures of them taking their young children to various places in Central Minnesota but I've been to all those so it's not much help to me.  I could hit up a local grocery store but that just isn't quite as fun.

Since I like pumpkins as a decoration, I want to get some as soon as possible.  I also want my carved "creations" to sit out for as long as possible too.

Help! Where should I go??

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