Minnesota Vikings Running back, Adrian Peterson, is telling the media that he'd be interested in going to either Giants, Bucks, or Texans in a trade that could happen soon.

The Vikings and A.P. are trying to come to a deal to keep him in Minnesota, but if the two decide to part ways then Peterson is hoping for a trade to either Houston, New York, or Tampa Bay.

According to ESPN, here's what would need to happen if Peterson remains in Minnesota. They would need to pay him a $11.75 million base salary and $6 million roster bonus. The new league year starts on March 9th, and if a decision isn't made to keep him or not, then the Vikings will be forced to pay him the $6 million roster bonus, regardless if they are going to keep him. Peterson still has to decide if he stays with Minnesota.

A.P. has spent 10 years in Minnesota and says that he wants to stay here and retire as a Viking, but his future here is up to the Vikings.

When we asked people if Peterson should stay or go, 61% of Minnesota preferred he go somewhere else. Bottom line is we need better performers at running back, and it seems that Peterson isn't the same beast he was a couple years ago.

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