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I'm a person that rarely watches television these days...not because I don't WANT to...I've just got single parent syndrome...Work to provide, and then get a second job to make sure they've got enough.


After meeting Louie Anderson in person, I've been obsessed with the series on FX called Baskets. Of course I don't have FX...I have now I'm catching up and I just finished the first series.  Baskets is a's's off the's funny. It's addictive!

Zach Galifianakis plays a man who wants to be a successful clown. Yes. He's very serious about it. He also plays the role of his twin brother. Louie Anderson plays the role of his mother, Christine Baskets.  Once you get involved in the show, you just can't get out. You struggle with family realize why Christine Baskets is 'the way she is'...her obsession with food to drown her sorrows....You learn about Martha, Zach's Insurance agent whom everyone thinks is his girlfriend, and all the crazy intertwining stories...I'm laughing...I'm crying...It's just a goofy show that won't let go.


I watch at least one episode of Baskets before I go to bed each night...which is totally messing with my rest. I usually can't get out before two episodes go by. I've got about 1 week left before I get through the third season. I want to know. What should be my next Netflix or Hulu Obsession?

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