I’m a central Minnesota native and have spent most of my life in St. Cloud. So, I’ve been to my fair share of Benton County Fairs in my 26 years of life. I’ve gone to so many of them that I’ve developed my own traditions.

When I was little, I was obsessed with jewelry! There’s a little stand at the fair that sells cheap costume jewelry and my grandma would buy me a green or red ring ever year–those were my favorite colors. I felt like a princess when I’d wear them and felt like they were worth more than gold.

The tradition continues to this day. She doesn’t buy them anymore, but I still have to buy a green or red ring for my collection when I stop by the fair. I also HAVE to go to the little mini doughnut stand by the front entrance. I’ve been doing that every year since I can remember going to the fair. Sometimes, I’ll just stop by the fair to buy a green ring, grab a bag or two of mini doughnuts and go home.

What traditions do you have at the Benton County Fair?

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