I feel like at least once a week I'm swerving to avoid puncturing a tire on a rogue bungee strap laying in the middle of the road. Hwy 10, Division, Hwy 15, side streets, they're everywhere!

And it isn't St. Cloud specific either. I'm constantly going through Sauk Rapids, Sartell, Waite Park, St. Joseph. There are just bungee cords sprinkled about like parade candy. Ok, maybe not that bad, but they are everywhere.


I have some questions that go along with this. Who is losing all these bungee straps? And in the process are you losing what they were supposed to be holding down? What is your yearly budget for replacing all the straps you're leaving on road sides? Are the people losing them thinking the same things I am?

At this point I might as well start picking them up and starting my own bungee strap rescue. Or selling them on Facebook Swap and Shops to start a rainy day fund for when I inevitably blow out a tire from hitting one.

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