As a born & raised Minnesotan I cannot for the life of me understand the state's infatuation with Sweet Martha's bucket full of Chocolate Chip Cookies at the State Fair.

Don't get me wrong, there 'fine,' but Minnesotans lose their collective mind over what I deeply feel is an average, every-other-day cookie. I've never understood the craze. Take a fresh, hot Chips-Ahoy and you've got the same thing.

In 2018 it's been reported that SMC made $4.73-million in twelve days. I'd be happy if Sweet Pete's (anything) could make $4000.


And yes, I'm from MN -- and I fully understand that I'm going to Land of 10,000 Lakes hell for speaking my mind on this, but I'm hoping I will open the door to others who will now feel comfortable about speaking their cookie mind. (Or is it just me?)

At the annual dozen-day celebration of over 500 food offerings at over 300 concession spots, what's the big deal over the average cookie? They had to move into a bigger building this year for crying out loud.

Is it the plastic bucket? Is it the the all-you-can-drink milk truck?

I'm not a hater, I just don't get it.

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