New Year’s Eve – a time for revelry, chicanery or, if you’re the reserved type, peace and quiet.

Perhaps one of the best things about New Year’s Eve is we get a night of frivolity and the whole next day to relax. Maybe it’s to recover from the carousing of the night before. Maybe it’s to watch the litany of bowl games. Or maybe it’s to pause and reflect on the year that was and wonder what lies ahead.

All of which begs the question: is there a best day of the week for New Year’s Eve? Maybe it’s a Tuesday, so you can get a nice midweek break. Maybe it’s a Friday, so you can just slide into the weekend. Maybe it’s a Sunday, to help keep the weekend going longer. You can make the argument for or against pretty much any of the seven days of the week.

So, tell us: which do you prefer?


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