Do you have any New Years Eve superstitions? Here are a few for this year!

1. Kissing at Midnight  - A kiss as the clock strikes 12 is supposedly good luck with your love life for the coming year. Pucker up!

2. Collard Greens and Black Eyed Peas - No, not the band that has Fergie in it. Eating black eyed peas is apparently good for your luck and collard greens is a symbol of financial prosperity. I'll take my chances and avoid eating either.

3. DON'T Clean the House - If you clean your house it could potentially "sweep away" your good fortune for the year. This is something I can get behind.

4. Open the Doors Before Midnight - Letting the old out and the new in. Also letting all the heat out. This isn't a Minnesota-friendly superstition.

5. Don't Take Anything Out of Your House - If you do this you could be setting yourself up to lose stuff throughout the next year. I was going to clean out my kitchen over the weekend, but this is a good excuse not to.

Happy New Year!

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