We've all had those embarrassing moments that we would rather not ever remember but we can thank our family and friends for helping us relive them over and over again.

I will be honest, I have a lot of embarrassing moments.  I mean A LOT!  Therefore, it's hard for me to pick just one single thing.  There was the time I got hung upside down from a tree during deer hunting season.  Or the time that I was learning to parallel park in my driveway with ladders and garbage cans and my sibling thought it would be funny to move them so I'd hit them.

Really, there's countless events so I'm just going to share my favorite.  I had just turned 21 and I challenged my mom to a drinking contest (big mistake!)  I drank more but unforeseen events led me to lose.  Hang on, I'll get to that.

We get home and I'm not doing well -- I put my sunglasses on in the house because it was so bright.  I told my mom I needed to do laundry because I couldn't go to work without certain pieces of clothing the next day.

I finally got in to bed and I honestly felt like I was on top of a basketball that Michael Jordan was spinning on his finger.  I got out and went outside to sit on the front steps.  I felt it coming where my beverages came around for round two.  All I said when I went in was don't look behind the truck.

Needless to say, the events of that night get brought up frequently and I just laugh because that's all I can do.  I've got no defense whatsoever.

What's something you'll never live down?

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