I'll admit that I can be kind of a klutz sometimes. So, by nature, everything kind of becomes a dangerous place--even work. On Friday I got to work a little early so I could make my breakfast and fill up a cup of tea.

We've got a super nice hot water spout in our break room that I use for making oat meal and mixed berry tea everyday.

I was kind of tired and wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing. I felt a burning sensation on my hand. It wasn't just a little warm either, it was boiling hot! I pulled my hand away from the pouring water, but that didn't help at all. I was still holding a full cup of hot water and I was being splashed by the hot water stream that I didn't shut off. I quickly threw my cup in the sink and turned off the hot water spout.

Sadly, the damage had already been done at that point. For the rest of the day my hand was red and burned. It hurt so bad! I'd like to tell you that encounters like this one are rare for me, but they're not.

So, let's compare scars! What weird or strange way have you hurt yourself in the workplace?

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