I do all the grocery shopping for my household, and one of the top items my boys always ask me for is coffee creamer...the liquid kind. They don't really care what flavor I get, but they want to be surprised. Make it something worthwhile.

The usual shopping trip goes pretty fast. I know what kind of bread they like. I know that I'm running to the meat department and picking up some shrimp, probably salmon or catfish, and usually some salad and bananas, and two gallons of milk.

but then...this happens.

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Kelly Cordes
Kelly Cordes


I think I spend most of my time staring at the wide variety of coffee creamer variations. My goodness. There are so many varieties and flavors. I literally look at the flavor, try to imagine if it would be good in my coffee, and have to move out of the way at least three times so customers can pass me by, before picking out something for the boys to try.


About 3 months ago I was shopping and made my usual stop on the coffee creamer isle. As I was checking out all the flavors, I suddenly saw Fred Flintstone on a bottle that was for Fruity Pebbles Coffee  Creamer.  I paused...I tasted this combination in my brain, and told myself that I couldn't imagine pouring coffee into a bowl of fruity pebbles, and I'm pretty sure turning the flavor around and putting fruity pebbles in my coffee wasn't going to happen at either.


But last week, I saw Snickers coffee creamer.  Hmmmmm....Caramel, Nutty, Chocolate in my coffee? Heck ya!

This one was a no brainer. I brought it home and I haven't yet tried it, but I'm waiting to hear what the boys are going to want the next time I go shopping. Will they be screaming for more Snickers coffee creamer, or will they say, "Fruity Pebbles please?"


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